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Marketer.co full service marketing agency offering web design, content marketing, search engine optimization & social media marketing - digital advertising agency in Salt lake city Utah

We’re a top digital marketing agency nestled in the heart of Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky. Our specialty? Fueling small businesses to reach their objectives with gusto! We craft brand visibility and boost sales like no other, all while aiming for sky-high customer satisfaction.

Our suite of services is unlike any one-size-fits-all solution – it’s tailor-made just for you. As an experienced digital marketing company, we’ve got what it takes to make your online venture thrive.

In our realm as one of the top digital marketing agencies focused on internet growth strategy including SEO services targeted at small businesses are central features that set us apart.

A Premier Digital Marketing Agency
in Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

We’re a top-tier Digital Marketing Agency nestled in the heart of Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky. For years now, we’ve partnered with businesses just like yours! Our seasoned team is ready to propel your business forward using cutting-edge digital marketing services.

What’s our wheelhouse? Here it goes:
-In depth keyword research and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? We got you.
-Social Media Management (SMM) that engages users? Check!
-Content creation that connects and converts? Absolutely.
-Paid advertising designed for search engine results pages? Count on us!

Your goals are ours too – let’s reach them together.

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We Have All The Necessary Resources To Help You Grow Your Business

Our Lexington digital marketing squad is packed with all the tools you need to boost your business. It’s a team filled with seasoned consultants who can guide you in growing, step by step.

A unique strategy tailored for success? We got that covered! Short and long-term goals are both considered while honing it just right.

We offer assistance on multiple fronts like email blasts, social media campaigns or even website revamps!

Wish to hit bullseye every time connecting with your target audience? Look no further. Our strategies focus keenly on solving challenges faced by businesses and ensuring online visibility.

Fancy customized photography services too? Sure thing! A splash of quality images would only add sparkles overall!

Need help enhancing search rankings through Local SEO practices or an upgraded logo design perhaps? No worries – we’ve got them included as well.

We Can Adjust For Your Specific Needs And Budget

Looking to ace the digital marketing game? We’ve got you covered. Our team in Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky is fired up and ready! We’ll equip your business with effective tools. You won’t be just online – but seen by customers.

No matter what shape your needs or budget take, we can cater our efforts specifically for them. Your success matters here; it’s not all talk!

We’re proud of the top-notch digital services we provide that help businesses hit their ‘marketing goals’. Specializing in everything from ‘lead generation’ to managing ‘targeted keywords’, there’s nothing off-limits.

You’ll get an exclusive account manager committed solely on driving results for you. Plus graphic design experts adding visual flair to make sure no campaign lacks luster.

Through a free consultation, let us map out how best we could fuel progress as per your pace and preferences – geared towards one thing – optimal ‘campaign performance’.

With our focused approach set keenly upon customer-centric channels: expect only growth at every curve while being part of this bustling world called internet Marketing.

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We Have The Expertise And Experience To Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

Located in the heart of Lexington, Kentucky, our digital marketing agency recognizes that no two businesses are alike. We listen to your objectives and customize strategies to fit your needs. The end goal? Harnessing the power of online advertising for business growth.

Our team is made up off web wizards, design gurus and project maestros who excel at their jobs. They hold years under their belt across various industries serving clients from around Lexington area.

We’re here to expand your customer base with positive results while avoiding long term contracts – we believe our work speaks louder! As specialists in climbing search rankings ladder swiftly by increasing leads – think us as experts working tirelessly towards making error sending thing-of-past!

In short: Our expertise + Your vision = A strategy designed just for you aimed at helping achieve those big dreams!

We Are The Only Agency That Can Provide You With The Best Of Everything

Many might claim to be the best in digital marketing, but we’re not just any agency. We are your future.

We stand out as a unique full service digital marketing firm based in Lexington-Fayette County. Why? Because our resources go unmatched! From major platforms and networks to an exclusive database of clients – we’ve got it all!

Our aim is simple: comprehensive growth for your business online from A-Z.

Not only do you get everything with us here at our agency – yes, unchanged access across every platform – but also tailored strategies that work because they’re built on years of experience helping businesses flourish online like yours.

With us by your side crafting customised plans aligning perfectly with each part of growing an effective web presence aren’t distant dreams anymore; these become reality quicker than ever before.

That’s why partnering up with us isn’t merely about employing someone; see this collaboration more akin to paving way towards achieving those seemingly elusive professional milestones faster.


Our Core Values

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As a marketing agency, we believe that being honest with our clients-telling them what we can do for them and what we can't-is the best way to maintain a long-lasting, fruitful relationship with them.


Hustle helps keep projects on track and allows our agency to deliver timely results to our clients. It also helps ensure that each team member is working at peak performance levels, as they are constantly pushing themselves to do better.
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Agility allows us to quickly respond to market changes, customer demands, and new technology, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve. An agile business is also more able to adapt its strategies and processes as needed, making it easier to pivot in order to keep up with competitors.
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When a company can consistently produce quality results, it signals reliability and trustworthiness to customers, partners, and investors alike. Consistent performance also helps companies build their brand and gain respect from their peers.

Our Team


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Chief Marketing Officer

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Chief Revenue Officer

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Chief Editor

Discuss Your Ideas With Us

We love to hear from our clients and are always happy to discuss your ideas. Whether you're looking for a new website or a marketing campaign, we're here to help.

If you have any questions, or would like further information about our services, please contact us today!

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