Digital Marketing Manifesto

Nate Nead
December 16, 2022

As we prepare to launch a new digital marketing agency website here at and head into a new year, we wanted to codify, in writing, a mission statement that would perfectly reflect our goals, strategy, and agile marketing approach to both internal entrepreneurs and external partner clients. 

We have a phenomenal team of experts and professionals who strive every day to make our business and its processes better today than they were yesterday.For that, I'm thankful.

Our team's growth mindset is invigorating as it drives us into the next level of opportunities with some of the world's most interesting people and brands.

As we move into 2023, we will strive to improve on our existing success, expand our processes and continue to deliver at the highest-performing level possible.

We want to not only maintain an authentic brand but one that will last much longer than ourselves.

We fully expect this mission and manifesto will be updated to reflect each successive milestone we achieve as we move forward.

Move fast, DON'T break stuff

Like the Hippocratic Oath, we strive to adhere to the mantra of

Do no harm.

Care in client and partner campaigns is paramount.

We don't use clients as untested guinea pigs. 

We test the poison on ourselves first. 

Once proven and confirmed with peer review, we perform full-court press to deliver outstanding results.

Strive for perfection, but deliver value early and often

I love the quote attributed to Warren Buffet:

Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

Our goal is to deliver value quickly and often with an aim toward perfection. 

More often, we deliver something that lands in between with a focus on value delivery over business work, activity, and output. 

We'll continue to strive to deliver value above and beyond expectations. 

In short, we're fine with hitting the stars on occasion, as long as we hit moonshot results.

Data don't lie, people do

The truth is in the data. 

People get things wrong more often than computers, especially when it comes to data analysis. 

When we learn, it's generally through experimentation and looking carefully at what the data is telling us (or not telling us) after removing all lurking variables and distractions.Trust the data first. Instincts are important, but they are secondary in data-driven marketing.

Implode hierarchies, foster cross-functional communication

Remove the silos that break down communication and ideas. 

We pride ourselves on being a team that melds and understands the technical and the beautiful creative aspects of digital marketing. 

Regular project, client, and internal SCRUM meetings help with this.

Be adept to needs, but adapt quickly to change

Find the problem, seek a solution among known constructs had by the team.But we strive to be adaptive in finding needs and solutions outside the box of ordinary.

Do hard things well

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, but to make the sophisticated simple is one of life's great challenges.We will continue to strive to perform flawlessly in the face of ambiguity and challenging problems.

Integrity is paramount

Do the right thing, and you'll always have clients and friends. 

Honesty and integrity are critical to a sustainable business environment where everyone wins. 

Google might treat the world as a zero-sum game, but we never will.

Hire slow and fire fast

Measuring twice and cutting once

 beats the alternative. 

The same thing could be said for hiring. 

It does employer and employee no good to discover a non-fit only after the hiring has occurred. 

Lucky for us, we haven't had to fire that often because we tend to hire well.

Business is always personal

While we use bots and data, business is always between humans. 

Focus on results and treat people like people and the rest falls into place.


Nate Nead

founder and CEO of Marketer

Nate Nead is the founder and CEO of Marketer, a distinguished digital marketing agency with a focus on enterprise digital consulting and strategy. For over 15 years, Nate and his team have helped service the digital marketing teams of some of the web's most well-recognized brands. As an industry veteran in all things digital, Nate has founded and grown more than a dozen local and national brands through his expertise in digital marketing. Nate and his team have worked with some of the most well-recognized brands on the Fortune 1000, scaling digital initiatives.