Marketer and Marion: A New Strategic Partnership to Change the Marketing Game

Samuel Edwards
June 12, 2024

At Marketer, we know from experience how important it is to stay on top of the latest developments in the marketing industry. New trends, new technologies, and new techniques are always emerging – and it’s often difficult to fully grasp and utilize them ahead of the competition.

We have a great team here who helps us do it. But we’ve decided to make that team even bigger.

We’re therefore thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Marion, a distinguished marketing and design agency with a storied 40-year history in Texas. We see this alliance as a fusion of's innovative digital marketing strategies with Marion's extensive experience and creative prowess, setting a new standard for comprehensive digital marketing services.

Who Are We?

Hopefully, you know us already. We’re Marketer – a dynamic marketing agency dedicated to creating human connections through strategic, data-focused digital design.

In other words, we provide excellent marketing and advertising services to businesses like yours. Our ultimate goal is to deliver consistent, predictable growth via digital strategy workshops, brand architecture, user interface design, lead generation, SEO analysis, and more.

Marion is an award-winning, full-service marketing and design agency headquartered in Houston, Texas, with additional offices in Austin and Dallas/Fort Worth. They partner with clients to either supplement their in-house marketing department or serve as their fully outsourced marketing department.

Already, you can see why we get along so well.

The Goals of Our Partnership

So what exactly are we trying to accomplish here?

·       New service offerings. For starters, each of our agencies has different areas of expertise and different services in which we specialize. By supporting each other with our own greatest strengths, we can offer our clients a wider range of versatile marketing and advertising services. Together, we may even be able to explore entirely new territory.

·       Truly omnichannel marketing. A downstream effect of this is that our clients will have access to marketing strategies that are truly omnichannel. Modern marketing strategies do best when they aren't artificially tethered to a narrow range of communication mediums.

·       Creative collaboration. Marketer and Marion both have impressive teams that include experienced leaders, niche experts, and creative masterminds. When we start putting our heads together in more collaborative endeavors, our creative ceilings are going to grow much higher.

·       Successful customers. Ultimately, we hope that our strategic partnership is going to help more of our customers find success. Clients of both Marketer and Marion should find themselves with better services, more options, more creative output, and ultimately more visibility, more brand trust, and more generated revenue.

Tim Carter, our own Chief Revenue Officer, shared his vision for the partnership: "Our collaboration with Marion is a strategic endeavor to bring together our digital expertise with their rich history and creative success. We really believe that this partnership is going to change the way businesses perceive and engage with digital marketing."

"Joining forces with Marion not only expands our capabilities but also deepens our commitment to delivering excellence and innovation in every digital marketing campaign,” said Samuel Quincy Edwards, Chief Marketing Officer here at Marketer. “We are setting a new benchmark for what clients can expect from their marketing partners."

Toward a New Future in Marketing

This partnership is possible because Marketer and Marion each have such powerful respective strengths – without significantly overlapping each other.

Nate Nead, CEO of Marketer, highlighted the synergy between the two firms: "This partnership with Marion aligns perfectly with our mission to provide end-to-end marketing solutions that are both innovative and effective. Together, we will redefine industry standards and drive unparalleled success for our clients.”

We may not be able to dictate the future of marketing, but we might be able to help lead it.

And we can definitely use our new partnership to help our customers see better results along the way.

If you’d like to learn more about our partnership, or if you’re just interested in seeing how Marketer and Marion can help you see better campaign results, contact us today!


Samuel Edwards

Chief Marketing Officer

Throughout his extensive 10+ year journey as a digital marketer, Sam has left an indelible mark on both small businesses and Fortune 500 enterprises alike. His portfolio boasts collaborations with esteemed entities such as NASDAQ OMX, eBay, Duncan Hines, Drew Barrymore, Price Benowitz LLP, a prominent law firm based in Washington, DC, and the esteemed human rights organization Amnesty International. In his role as a technical SEO and digital marketing strategist, Sam takes the helm of all paid and organic operations teams, steering client SEO services, link building initiatives, and white label digital marketing partnerships to unparalleled success. An esteemed thought leader in the industry, Sam is a recurring speaker at the esteemed Search Marketing Expo conference series and has graced the TEDx stage with his insights. Today, he channels his expertise into direct collaboration with high-end clients spanning diverse verticals, where he meticulously crafts strategies to optimize on and off-site SEO ROI through the seamless integration of content marketing and link building.