How to Build a Successful Startup: Entrepreneurs Guide to Marketing Your Startup

How to Build a Successful Startup: Entrepreneurs Guide to Marketing Your Startup


You want to start your own business. But do you know what it takes to do so?

Entrepreneurship is a dream for millions, but a reality for only a few. The Modern Entrepreneur: How to Build a Successful Startup, from Beginning to End attempts to bridge that gap. Written by Jayson DeMers, contributor at Entrepreneur, Inc, Forbes, The Huffington Post and countless other online publications, this eBook exists to help aspiring entrepreneurs understand and conquer the challenges of business ownership. Whether you’re well into your first course as an entrepreneur or you’re just a hopeful professional with a strong idea, this eBook will help you find everything you need to start and develop your own business.

Chapter 1: Preparing for the Entrepreneurial Journey

Before you take the plunge, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. This chapter focuses on the preliminary steps you’ll need to take and how to determine if you’re ready for that journey. Subtopics include:

  • Motivations for starting a business
  • How to evaluate your business idea
  • How to tell if you’re ready to start a business
  • Risks and rewards of business ownership

Chapter 2: Developing Yourself as an Entrepreneur

While much of the strength of your business lies in the power of your idea, it’s also necessary to develop your own capacity to lead. You’ll be making crucial decisions, taking significant actions, and working with entire teams of people to accomplish your goals—so how do you become a better entrepreneur? This section covers things like:

  • Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs
  • The entrepreneur mindset
  • Problems and potential in daily routines
  • Foundational skills for entrepreneurs

Chapter 3: Seeking Funding and Mentors

Acquiring startup capital and working with entrepreneurial mentors are two major hurdles in the early stages of startup development. This chapter addresses these concerns, including:

  • Key qualities of an elevator pitch
  • How to overcome a “no” when seeking funding
  • How to find an effective mentor

Chapter 4: Building a Team

The strength and qualifications of your core team will help shape your business for the better. This chapter covers best hiring practices and ongoing human resources strategies, including:

  • Habits of good bosses
  • Types of employees to look for
  • How to retain your top talent
  • How to handle significant departures

Chapter 5: Becoming a Leader

As an entrepreneur, one of your primary roles is that of a leader. It takes a lot to step up to that position, and this chapter helps you do it successfully:

  • Common management mistakes to avoid
  • How to build a fun work culture that’s also productive
  • How to reward your employees without a raise
  • Leadership traits that drive results

Chapter 6: Developing the Business

Most stagnant businesses fail. If you want to survive, you’ll need to adapt and change over time. This chapter tells you how to do it:

  • How the scientific method is applied to entrepreneurship
  • Brand building strategies
  • Professional networking tips
  • Common mistakes and threats to avoid

Chapter 7: Marketing and Building a Reputation

Getting your business seen is a major obstacle—that’s what marketing is for. This chapter covers the basics of marketing, advertising, and building a reputation, including:

  • General marketing best practices
  • How to increase online conversion rates
  • How to create a content marketing strategy
  • How to start and maintain an SEO campaign
  • How to build a company reputation

Chapter 8: Risks, Growth, and the Thrill of Change

Threats are always lurking around the corner, and the best way to avoid them is to keep on your toes. This article covers the risks and potential failures of entrepreneurs, including:

  • Entrepreneurial risks
  • Common failures experienced by new entrepreneurs
  • How to accept and overcome failures

Chapter 9: The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a bright, appealing goal for most professionals. It promises the opportunity to become your own boss and make lots of money—but there’s also a dark side to entrepreneurship that you’ll need to be wary of. This chapter covers:

  • Dark truths about entrepreneurship
  • Tough choices in business ownership
  • Sacrifices every entrepreneur must make

Chapter 10: How to Stay Happy and Remain Successful

Business development is exciting, but you also need to make time for yourself if you want to remain happy and successful as an entrepreneur:

  • Inspiring stories from past entrepreneurs
  • Preventing and overcoming burnout
  • How entrepreneurs stay happy

This outline is only a taste of what’s included in ­­­­­The Modern Entrepreneur: How to Build a Successful Startup, from Beginning to End. If you want to start your entrepreneurial journey on the right foot, this is your ideal resource. Are you ready to read it?

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